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STANLEY 0-TR250 Heavy-Duty Aluminium Staple and Brad Nail Gun


£24.99 excl. VAT

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Cross Compatible with Fasteners for:

ARROW: T50 SERIES / TACWISE 140 SERIES *Check Manufacturers Manual for compatibilty or contact us with your tool make/model.

Manual Hand Operation
No batteires required, simple squeeze when you want to fire a fastener

Dual Fastener Format
Verstaile design allows for use or both T50/A type staples and 18 GAUGE brads

BiMaterial Design
Twin Material construction for a balance of weight and durability

Margin Edge Guide
Quickly adjusted, a guide that will place the staple at a consistantly required distance along the edge of your workpeice

Intergrated Belt Hook
Keeps your stapler right by your side by allowing it to clip right to your belt

Power Adjustment Lever
Turn the lever to give you more powe when stapling harder materials

Handle Lock Device
Will keep the handle in the locked position making it more compact for easy storage



Trigger Type: Squeeze

Type: Manual

Fastener Length: Staple 6-14 mm & Brads 15 mm

Fastener Diameter: 0.65 x 1.3 mm & 1 mm x 1.25 mm

Magazine Capacity: 80

Air inlet connection : N/A


Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year (T&C's Apply)

Height: 165mm

Width: 35 mm

Length: 185mm

Total Weight: 950g

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